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Marc 'Sparks' Davies

My story in a Nutshell

Finished school in 1987 and immediately went into IT – Network Support then programming Databases. Did that for Eagle Star and Zurich until 2001. Then Web design and Software Development.

Marriage break up meant I needed to sell my house so decided I’d start a fresh with everything. What else was I good at ? Cooking.

So, I remember notes from Mum telling me when to put spuds on, when to put Peas on etc – Parents are from Boston and Doncaster so I grew up on meat, veg, spuds n gravy!

I got my first job in a kitchen as a Grill Chef but I've covered all sections of the kitchen over the last 18 years. I’ve done events catering for racecourses, football grounds, private schools. care homes, hospitals, private hotels and restaurants blah blah – you name it I’ve probably done it whilst freelance!

Now, I’m kinda looking all over and there is an exciting prospect in the pipeline which will involve charity work cooking for the homeless, people suffering from mental illness issues and those suffering who can’t afford to feed themselves.

I’m a bit of sucker for spending my own money to help others

so it will be nice to smash some good food in peoples bellies and also use my training provided by The Burnt Chef Project to just sit down, have a cuppa rosey, a chat and try to help them.

My mental health story I don’t like to mention much but I was bullied as a Service Chef by the Sous working for a very famous Chef (I’m not naming names) - confronted it and my decision was to leave. Later found out I was not the only one and the Sous got the boot.

I also went through a phase of TOO much booze that I was not capable of performing to my ability. That is under control too now – not given up but under control.

I’ve been through some pretty rough days, especially more recently with COVID pulling us down and down and down but if you love this industry you get through it. I’m lucky to have a strong & loving crew at the moment but for those who don’t then give us a call at The Burnt Chef Project. Times are tough but the odd nice word, fist bump and other nice comments will get you through. I promise!!

So YEAH that’s me

As for The Burnt Chef Project I heard about it randomly and thought “Yeah I want in on this!!” It's so great and we have a massive community of people who can offer help. Kris and the work he’s done is a massive inspiration – I really recommend listening to the podcast (The Burnt Chef Journal) they are so good and I’ve taken a lot away from them and applied them, not only to my work life, but my family life too.

Anyway Peace Out ! Mic Drop and remember we’ve got your back

Marc or Sparky or Sparks normally

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