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We offer a variety of different training options both in person and virtually by fully insured instructors so that we can continue to educate hospitality teams in mental health awareness and create healthier workplace environments by tackling the stigma associated with mental illness.

Please contact us for prices in USD and EUR


1/2 Day Training


managers INTRODUCTION TO mental health awareness

£75 (+VAT) per person

Min x10 / Max x16 Delegates

This 3 hour course provides managers with the basic skills and helps to improve confidence needed to:

  • Understand the impact of poor mental health on their team

  • Pro-actively tackle workplace stress

  • Improve their ability to identify potential mental health issues

  • Increase confidence around how to open a courageous conversation

  • Practise active listening and empathy

  • Signpost to relevant support systems


1/2 Day Training

Wellbeing champion - mental health awareness

£75 (+VAT) per person

Min x10 / Max x16 Delegates

Create your own internal wellbeing committee to support your company wellbeing objectives and provide additional support to teams. This 3 hour course is similar to the Managers Mental Health Awareness session and provides Wellbeing Champions with the basic skills and helps to improve confidence needed to:

  • Challenge mental health stigmas

  • Support managers in tackling work-related stress

  • Improve their ability to identify potential mental health issues with peers

  • Increase confidence around how to open a courageous conversation

  • Practise active listening and empathy

  • Signpost to relevant support systems both internal and external


1/2 Day Training


£75 (+VAT) per person

Min x10 / Max x16 Delegates

This course can be delivered in person or online via Zoom.


The aim of the session is to give participants a better level of understanding when it comes to effectively managing mental health within the workplace covering:

  • Understanding costs and impacts to the business

  • Legal responsibility

  • Employer vs Employee vs Manager responsibilities

  • Early identification of ill mental health

  • Workplace adjustments

  • Supporting a return to work

  • Conduct vs capability

1/2 Day Training


£50 (+VAT) per person

Min x10 / Max x20 Delegates

We’re uncovering burnout and understand why it is so prevalent within hospitality with business psychologist and Human Givens psychotherapist and coach .


We will cover:

  • How can we spot burn-out in ourselves and others?

  • The Human Givens Needs Framework

  • Prevention

  • Care and management

  • Resources

Do you want to spot the signs and prevent burnout within your team?


Contact us today. 

1/2 Day Training


£50 (+VAT) per person

Min x10 / Max x25 Delegates

This 2 hour training course can be run in person or virtually. 

  • Understanding the basics of budgeting

  • Creating your own budget

  • How to identify and start tackling debt

  • Exploring ways in which we can start saving money

  • Understanding the concept of investment and how to start with a small amount of funds


burnt chef level 4 hospitality and workplace mental health management DIPLOMA

14/18 months

The Level 4 Hospitality and Workplace Mental Health Management apprenticeship is a programme which provides learners with the skills and knowledge to manage a highly effective hospitality business whilst also nurturing and building a high performing and motivated team. The programme is split into 2 parts and focuses on business management and people leadership, all of which is underpinned by learning and development provided by our expert partner Performance Learning Group.

Training will include the following topics:

  • Managerial styles and behaviours

  • Managing stakeholders’ expectations

  • Understanding organisational culture, values and behaviour

  • Personal development as a manager and leader

  • Management and leadership influencing skills

  • Introduction to management coaching and mentoring



We have our very own internal Mental Health First Aid trainer with specially adapted hospitality-specific courses available.

Join a virtual open cohort or book your own in-person group (minimum of 8 required). Either way it couldn't be easier to become a Mental Health First Aider MHFAider®.

We offer a variety of Mental Health First Aid training sessions to suit your needs both virtually and in person at your venue.


2 Day Training


mental health first aider 2023 version

£325 (+VAT) per person


8 - 16 Delegates

As an MHFAider® you will be able to: 


  • Recognise those that may be experiencing poor mental health and provide them with first-level support and early intervention 

  • Encourage a person to identify and access sources of professional help and other supports 

  • Practise active listening and empathy 

  • Have a conversation with improved mental health literacy around language and stigma 

  • Discuss the MHFAider® role in depth, including boundaries and confidentiality 

  • Practise self-care 

  • Know how to use the MHFAider Support App® 

  • Know how to access a dedicated text service provided by Shout and ongoing learning opportunities with MHFA England  

1 Day Training


MHFA Champion Course

£200 (+VAT) per person


8 - 16 Delegates

This course is available as either an online or face-to-face training session. 

This one day course trains you as an MHFA Champion, giving you:


  • An understanding of common mental health issues  

  • Knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness

  • Ability to spot signs of mental ill health 

  • Skills to support positive wellbeing

1/2 Day Training



£150 (+VAT) per personper pe


8 - 24 Delegates

The four-hour MHFA Refresher course gives you the chance to:  

  • Renew your skills

  • Update your knowledge of mental health support

  • Practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan

  • Access three years of MHFAider® Support and Benefits

Please note that the MHFA Refresher is only for people who have completed an  MHFA course or an Armed Forces Mental Health First Aider course. 

1/2 Day Training



£135 (+VAT) per personper pe


16 - 20 Delegates

This is a half day course designed to improve knowledge and understanding of this difficult subject. Ideal for those who want to help colleagues who may be in distress but also for those who work in hotels and may be needing to intervene with guests. It will cover:

  • Introduction to suicide prevention

  • Stigma and survivors of berevement by suicide and the hidden toll

  • Suicide thoughts and suicide

  • Intention of behaviour versus outcome of behaviour

  • Possible causes of suicide thoughts

  • Suicide Safety Guidance
    Referring a person onto suicide first

A full day version is also available which goes into a great deal more detail for £165 + VAT per person (same MIN and MAX numbers)


The Power of Small Talk (and how they can engage your team) (1 Hour)

£420+VAT (8 - 12 delegates)

Exclusive to The Burnt Chef Project and in collaboration with Michelle Moreno from QAB Leadership.

Gallup, who is a global analytics and advice company, announced this data; “70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager.” 

This data, though shocking, means that we have the insight and opportunity to make major changes to help solve engagement with our teams and ultimately their well-being.

Things that get in the way of engaged managers and teams are;

  • Lack of training in the correct skills

  • Time

  • Being engaged and being looked after themselves

I am

In this one-hour interactive workshop you cover;

  1. Understanding the power of small talk and how it builds healthy relationships with individuals

  2. The impact quick check-ins have on your teams to build trust, communication and pre-empt issues

  3. Whilst using your limited time effectively and efficiently

Book Now: Contact us for more info on available dates where you are.

How to unlock your team's potential to thrive - a new one-to-one model (2 Hour)

£840+VAT (8 - 12 delegates)

Exclusive to The Burnt Chef Project and in collaboration with Michelle Moreno from QAB Leadership.

We can get stuck in our ways of doing things, “that’s how we have always done it,” and not pay attention to the facts which are; that telling people what to do, doesn’t get you, them or the business any further forward.  As Simon Sinek said;


“A leader's job is not to do the work for others, it’s to help others figure out how to do it themselves, to get things done and to succeed beyond what they thought was possible.” - Simon Sinek

Our people and this generation need attentive attention to thrive and having to wait around for a yearly appraisal won’t help you or them. One-to-one’s with your team;

  • Should not be only about their to-do list, it should be about them too

  • Should not be a process that trains them to be micro-managed by YOU

  • Should not be driven by you, but by them

Michelle will help you in this two-hour interactive workshop to;


  1. Have the full understanding of a new model to create a productive one to one

  2. Teaching skills to be in service to your team, helping them, having their back and making them the highest performing teams in the world

  3. Additionally creating an ongoing performance management system led and driven by the team member

Book Now: Contact us for more info on available dates where you are.

Performance Psychology (1 Day Training)

£1200+VAT (8 - 12 delegates)

Exclusive to The Burnt Chef Project and in collaboration with a Sports Performance Psychology Consultant this is a 3-part online training course.


In performance 1-3 you’ll learn how to perform under pressure and different strategies to optimize performance.


In performance 1 you’ll learn how to perform under pressure by using classical sports psychology techniques.


In performance 2 you’ll learn how to find your individual zone of optimal functioning and how to get in the zone.


In performance 3 a different approach to performance optimization is called mindfulness.

Book Now: Contact us for more info on available dates where you are.

For more information about how we can work with you or your business please contact us today:

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