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My warrior side

Working in the hospitality industry is not easy: there's long unsociable hours, lots of stress, big demanding personalities, throw into the mix that I’m female and it makes things much harder. I’ve had to work twice as hard in this industry because I don’t look, sound, or act like everyone else. I’ve gone from sweeping the floors in a bakery to cooking with world-class chefs and working in some of the most stunning locations in the world (I'm talking serious pinch-me moments).

But, with the ups there have been many downs: I’ve experienced sexism, bullying, racism, sexual harassment, burn out and so much more but, I'm not dwelling on these bad experiences or hardships. I use them to help me grow. We all have a choice to either let our experiences stall our journey or let it thrive. I choose the latter.

I’m not here to empower you, because you already have everything you need to be empowered yourself - you just need to look inside yourself. You have life experience that no one else has, and that automatically puts you in a unique position: use it to your advantage!

I've learnt to be my true authentic self and live my life with purpose - that’s the only way I’ll be fulfilled and which will positively impact others along the way.

I've stopped taking people's BS and started surrounding myself with people who lift me up as opposed to those who drain me. I've had to learn to love myself and to look at myself in the mirror and be confident in who I am and the decisions I've made.

To anyone who is doubting their abilities or are wondering what they’re doing with their life: Stop! You are exactly where you need to be - you may not know your destination yet, but understand your value and that it’s a journey and that you have a purpose. Just don’t give up.

Ultimately, I believe that as women, we already have everything we need to unleash our inner power, we get to choose our thoughts and emotions to achieve our goals, so what are you waiting for? Find that confidence, claim your rights, and go after your goals.

You are a badass warrior goddess and don’t you forget it!


Halima Ramos-Ferreira

Chief Ambassador - The Burnt Chef Project

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