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The Burnt Chef Project is pleased to announce it has partnered with WPA to offer an award winning medical cash back plan for your UK based teams.

Unlike private medical insurance, which covers the treatment of unforeseen medical conditions, our NHS Top-Up Cash Plan contributes towards the cost of routine healthcare. Especially for hospitality workers it’s an affordable way to recover some of the costs of essential, foreseeable healthcare at a time when finances can be stretched.

By investing in your workforce, you’ll encourage your staff to focus on their wellbeing. This underpins your wider business reward strategy, to drive sustainable improvements in business performance and help support aspects of your duty of care responsibilities to your employees.

Key Benefits

  • Attract and retain staff by including the Cash Plan in your wider reward strategy

  • Access 24/7 remote GP services

  • Improve staff wellbeing for a healthier workforce

  • Reduce staff stress with access to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

  • Improve staff productivity and motivation, with employees getting quicker access to medical treatments.

  • Help reduce staff absenteeism due to mental and physical ill-health.

  • Cash benefits available on:

    • Dental

    • Optical

    • Therapies

    • Specialist consultations

    • GP services

All tailored to your organisation needs and starting from just over £5 per person per month with TBCP discounts built in.

At a time where finances are stretched and recruitment drives difficult this is an incredible service which can help tackle some of the hardest challenges in hospitality.

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