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The Burnt Chef Project is pleased to announce it has partnered with Peopleful to offer a powerful data insight tool designed, for the first time, to show you where your biggest fires are in terms of health, culture and wellbeing and accurately demonstrate the costs associated by not addressing these areas.

Organisations have a significant influence on their peoples’ wellbeing and this has an impact on business results.


With the right evidence, these organisational dynamics can be better understood and managed, unlocking a more energetic and healthier workforce, and outstanding organisational performance.

Peopleful help organisations to understand the impact of the working environment on their employees’ wellbeing - and provide the data that informs practical change where it is needed.

Their diagnostic tool provides a comprehensive employee and workplace overview with standardised metrics, identifying human capital and wellbeing risks and the associated costs.

Peopleful help organisations answer two fundamental questions:

  • How psychologically fit are my people? Can they perform at their best?

  • Is our working environment designed to support excellent performance?



Peopleful can help you develop a science backed, human capital strategy, that is laser-focused, relevant and measurable.

  • Identifying your greatest people risks and their root causes so you can act before they become costly issues.

  • Forecasting the impact on the bottom line so you’re able to make a compelling business case for change.

  • Identifying your greatest areas of strength so you can cross-pollinate best practice.

  • Benchmarking your organisational dynamics against unique global norms so you can see how you function relative to global standards.


Burnout and Stress-related Ill-health

Peopleful provide you with an understanding of the state and mood of your people right now, as well as forecasting risks coming down the line. Their tool identifies and nuances the risk profile of employees’ wellbeing enabling organisations to understand how burnt out or stressed the workforce is.

The cost of inaction
They provide a financial indication for risks. Our tool identifies the impact that risks have on absence, presenteeism and turnover and aggregates this into a cost to the company.

A heat map of employee functioning
Organisations can understand how the psychological energy and motivation of their employees compares to global norms. They can compare any cohort to the overall organisation or compare teams within business units.

A heat map of organisational support
Organisations can understand how supportive the work environment is enabling higher levels of performance from employees. They can compare any cohort to the overall organisation or compare teams within business units.

Performance scores
Performance scores provide an indication of whether employees are performing at their best and how supportive they are finding the working environment. The power of this single metric is that is allows for immediate comparison within an organisation.

Individual feedback reports
Everyone receives a personal wellbeing report providing a summary of overall wellbeing and related risks, as well as potential stressors, blind spots and areas for reflection. It includes coaching tips and signposting to internal resources.

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