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Sharpen in style with The Burnt Chef rolling knife sharperner.


Traditional sharpening takes time to master. With the the Burnt Chef Project rolling knife sharperner, anyone can get factory-sharp knives in minutes. 


Diamond sharperners are the hardest, most effective sharpening stones. Remove the first layer of your knife’s edge with fine diamond abrasives. The grit size is 400 and is perfect for base grinds and resharpening your knife. The Ceramic disk is set at 3000 grit for smoothing the finished edge.


Includes the 20° and 15° sharpening angle and magnetic knife holder to secure your blade.


Designed for both novices and experts, our sharpener ensures a flawless edge every time. Simply choose your desired angle and glide the blade along the rolling disc. No fuss, no complications — just sharp knives in minutes.


Roll the sharpening disc back and forth until sharp. Flip the sharperner over and hone the edge using the ceramic steel disc.



Rolling Knife Sharpener

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