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The Burnt Chef Project is pleased to be partnering with Thrive Mental Wellbeing to deliver vital mental health support services to the hospitality industry.

Thrive Mental Wellbeing is a digital mental health care service that can identify members of your team who are experiencing an issue and offer them support before a minor issue becomes a major crisis.


Thrive will proactively reach out to individuals who are showing symptoms of common mental health conditions, offering them support as early as possible.


Mental health conditions can affect anyone, anyplace. Thrive Mental Wellbeing provides clinically proven mental healthcare at the touch of a button, so your team can access support at home, at work, or on the bus, for as long as is needed.

Thrive Mental Wellbeing offers accessible and immediate support, including a full Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programme, relaxation techniques, and ongoing sessions of therapy based on the clinical needs of the individual.


Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your staff has been proven to:

  • Boost retention

  • Improve recruitment interest

  • Support your teams and managers

  • Decrease costs associated with sickness absence, staff churn, presenteeism and burnout


All tailored to your organisation and full roll out support for around £3 per month per person.

With presenteeism and mental health problems in hospitality at an all time high, contact us now to see how Thrive can support your employees and save your business from the soaring costs of poor mental health. 

Designed for All

Thrive Mental Wellbeing supports anyone looking for a way to take care of their mental health, particularly those dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. This can provide your employees, Line Managers and Wellbeing champions with access to confidential mental health support at the touch of a button.


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The Thrive Mental Wellbeing App contains more than 100 hours of self-help tools and techniques designed to keep people healthy, resilient and stress-free, plus one-to-one sessions with qualified therapists. This helps your people maintain good mental health and access help, if needed, before a minor issue becomes a major crisis.

Benefits Include:


Speak to a therapist at the touch of a button: Thrive’s team of qualified therapists are on hand to provide support at critical times. ​A confidential, live, in-app chat service provides your whole organisation with direct access to a clinically trained therapist at the touch of a button. Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm GMT. For those who need it, Thrive provides ongoing sessions of therapy - as many sessions as needed and delivered based on the needs of the individual.

Evidence based care:  Thrive combines science, clinical experience, and the latest technology to help people manage and improve their mental health. Every Thrive Mental Wellbeing tool and feature has been validated by research and has been clinically proven to detect and treat conditions early.

Impact Report: Track stressors in your workplace with anonymous, aggregated data to make informed decisions - removing the guesswork when it comes to employee wellbeing. Key outcome measures will be established and monitored to help you track success and impact can be monitored through regular data reporting and feedback. ​​

Brand Customisation: The Thrive Mental Wellbeing app can be customised to use your company logo and link to your internal wellbeing schemes and EAP services, making Thrive a central hub to support employee wellbeing (Additional charges).


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Providing this support to your teams need not be expensive and our data shows may even save you thousands!

Based on our report for an organisation of 500 employees and a 20% engagement rate the savings were over £40,000 per annum. This doubles for every 10% increase in engagement!


For more information please see our video below or contact us.

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