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the burnt chef project burger

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Stamp Out the Stigma, One Bun at a Time 

The Burnt Chef Burger is a fantastic way to spread awareness and raise funds for us.



Support a Cause: A portion of every sale goes directly to the Burnt Chef Project, helping to support mental health initiatives.


Unique Brand Identity: Stand out from the crowd and create an unforgettable dining experience


Join the Movement: Align your brand with a powerful cause and bring meaningful branding to your business. Order your custom Burnt Chef Project branding iron today and let's stamp out the stigma together!

So, if you're in interested in getting involved and adding a £1/$1/€1 donation onto your burgers, for 3 months or more, we will gladly send you one of these branding irons for free.

Yes that's right! A £29 branding iron for free to say thank you for your support! 

Please fill the sign up form below, and we'll assist you further.

Also the Branding Iron is available on our online shop

Find The Burnt Chef Burgers here:

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Sign up now to join the movement!

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