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Sponsorship is available to any individual or business across the hospitality sector. By supporting us you demonstrate an ethical responsibility to this industry that previously has been unseen. You show that you value the importance of promoting an open mental health culture within the industry, your workplace and that you are committed to de-stigmatising mental health.

Advertising the Burnt Chef Partner logo on your restaurant window or website gives you a competitive advantage in the market by showing to your customer that you value mental health. 

By becoming a supporter you agree to ensuring that hospitality employees are a key focus to ensuring a strong, stable and profitable industry and that their welfare and health is paramount to any sustainable business model.

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Give your staff access to Burnt Chef merchandise at a discounted rate. Whether it is notebooks, pens, water bottles, staff uniforms or even aprons and tweezers then offer this benefit to your staff.


This comprehensive suite of benefits is available exclusively to Burnt Chef Project sponsors for a special rate for year one of membership. 


Features include an assistance line, fact sheets and access to confidential and independent online support, telephone and face-to-face counselling, legal debt and money, and parenting advice.

More info here: EAP Brochure


Use our logo on your menus and marketing material to shout about your support for improving mental health in hospitality

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Be part of an emerging fresh and clean brand within the hospitality world. Membership of EATE provides opportunities such as:

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  • A feature in media and digital publications

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