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  • The Paper Tablet allows you to fix your ideas on paper by hand and, thanks to Moleskine Pen + Ellipse, to transfer all the notes taken down manually to the screen of your phone in real time
  • Thanks to the Moleskine Notes app Available with lined pages, completely white, or dotted, and in various sizes
  • Pen+ combines paper practicality with all the advantages of digital creativity Easy to use and pleasant to write with
  • Position the pen on the page to transfer words, graphics, ideas and drawings and display them directly on your smartphone or tablet; the clip attaches to the Paper Tablet and to the cover of the Smart Diary
  • The invisible technology incorporated in each page allows the Pen + to recognize where it is inside the notebook and to transfer the notes taken down manually from the page to the screen, in time real
  • The Pen + Ellipse recognizes differently numbered Paper Tablets, covers, layouts and different formats, so you can easily switch from one notebook to another and allow the development of ideas on the move
  • The smart writing system allows you to digitize handwritten notes and easily add tags to sort them

Moleskin Smart Writing Set

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