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It's no secret for those that work in hospitality that it's a tough trade to work in.

Often there is unseen personal sacrifice for every member of staff that grafts hard to produce stunning food and drink on a daily basis. Sometimes 7 days a week!

Imagine, if you will, working at your day-job desk for a 14 hour day where your only break is for 20 minutes with your only access to fresh air and a few deep breaths being a couple of cigarettes.

Imagine having call after call come through with no degree of control over the frequency or volume of those calls and trying to handle customer queries where people want to change their order, complain, return products and knowing that there isn't likely to be a happy customer or compliment for another 20 calls. Imagine juggling all of this whilst also remembering 10 other requests and working on only 5 hours sleep.

Imagine the feeling of knowing you have little control whilst also being sat infront of a radiator pumping out 50 degree C heat and no way from getting out of your seat and away from the assault on your senses.

Imagine the financial distress of investing every last penny you have into that job and not knowing if you'll make a profit at the end of the month.

Now imagine getting to the end of the 14 hour shift. You're hot, tired, you've got a dozen missed calls on your phone from family that you can't reply to as they'll be asleep. Your only nutrition for the night is a Pot Noodle or a quick takeaway from a late night offering to eat whilst your brain is racing and your heart is still pumping with adrenaline.

You look at your phone to distract yourself from these racing thoughts to see a review pop up from the only call you felt went well to find that they've given you a 1 🌟 rating and said that their experience of your service was negative... Wow, that really kicks you in the teeth...

Makes you think doesn't it? Next time you eat out take the time to be pleasant and sincere to your server. Thank them for their efforts and take the time to rate the business 5 🌟's. It could make the day worthwhile.

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